Top 5 things in my winter illness kit

That time of year has come back around again. The time for everyone to be full of cold and the flu lets not even start the conversation about COVID. With the kids at school or nursery, they are constantly coming home ill.

After spending most of last winter in and out of hospital with our youngest, I put together a winter illness kit for the kids. This kit is always kept full stocked and is easy to use. 

What is a winter illness kit?

Well much like a first aid kit it has everything you will need in it to have the kids feeling better in no time.

This is what I have in mine, but yours can be changed to suit your family.

What I have in mine?


The first thing I have in mine are two thermometers. One that goes under the arm and one that goes into the ear. Why do I have two? I have two because I am forever putting one down and forgetting where I put it. 

I love the Braun underarm thermometer. It allows you to choose the age of it shows you if the temperature of your child is concerning by showing you a coloured light. Green means good, orange means concerning, red means seek attention now! 

I also use a pharmacy own digital in the ear thermometer. I’m not sure which brand it is so i can’t link it but it works well for £15. 

Braun thermometer ( click the image to be taken to

Liquid Paracetamol and Ibuprofen

This is good for obvious reasons. It helps bring temperatures down and helps our little ones feel a little bit more human. 

Top tip!: When buying paracetamol and ibuprofen don’t buy the branded stuff. Its exactly the same as the own brand stuff accept its twice the price. If you go to the counter at the pharmacy you may find that for a could of extra £pounds that you can get a bigger bottle. MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE AGE ON THE BOTTLE! 

Boots paracetamol (Click image to be taken to the site)

Vaporizer and refills 

My mum used to use a vaporizer for me when I was younger and it worked a treat. We use the Calpol plug in. You can buy th plug in and 5 refills and you can just buy the refills on their own. 

You take a refill out and place it into the vaporizer and switch on. It then heats up and the vapours from the pad refill go into the room. I normally stick it on the in the boys room about an hour before they go to bed, making sure to close the door after me.

Calpol plugin (Click image to be taken to


These are the most important thing for us as both the kids have asthma. Youngest has severe asthma. We always keep their prescribed inhalers and spaces in the kit with a copy of their asthma plan. 

Vapour rub

This is something else I love and also something that doesn’t need to be branded. Own brands are just as good and half the price. I put this on the kids chest, back and on the bottoms of their feet before popping their socks on. 

If you have younger children snuffle babe can be used on children 3 months +, but always make sure you check the ages on the vapour rub. 

top 5 things in my winter illness kit
Peach ethical vapour rub (click image to be taken to

These bits are important to me but other things may be important to you. Just be sure to regularly check the dates on anything you have in your kit and to make sure to read the instructions before using them. 

If you think you may have COVID or you have signs of COVID then please click here to be taken to the NHS website for more information. 

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