Summer Wish list 2018

Happy Summer Guys!!

This is by far my favourite time of year and its finally our first proper summer as a family. Summer of 2016 Cohen was only weeks old, Summer 2017 Cohen couldn’t walk well enough and this year he is running around like a lunatic. So I have decided that I wanted to make a list of things, that I would like to do with him.

  1. Go to the farm
  2. To go the beach with a picnic
  3. Get a pool for the garden
  4. Go for a family picnic
  5. To make our own ice lollies
  6. To draw with chalk in the garden
  7. To get ice-cream from and Ice-cream parlour
  8. To make our own play dough
  9. Do paintings with out hands and feet
  10. Bake cakes
  11. Play with lots of bubbles
  12. To go feed the ducks
  13. To play in a tent
  14. “Ride” our trike to the park
  15. Plant a flower and watch it grow – It’s never to early to start!
  16. Eat dinner in the garden.
  17. Make our own Ice-cream
  18. Go to the library.

I plan to take lots of photos whilst, we tick everyone of these off!

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