12 Self-care ideas for busy mums

This month is stress awareness month. It seems pretty ironic considering what is going on around the world right now. I know there are plenty of us mums, who are stuck at home with your little ones, trying to think of inventive ways to keep them occupied for the foreseeable future. Then there are some of us who are going out and working on the front line and keeping everything going! It is important that we not only look at our physical health but also our mental health! That is why I have put together a list of 12 self-care ideas you can do right at home!

Have a bath… ALONE!

Am I the only person that shudders at the thought of spending an hour in silence in the bath? When the kids are in bed or when someone else is home, run yourself a nice hot bath and have a soak. Put on some relaxing music, watch a Netflix show and just relax! Make sure if someone else is home you lock the door so you don’t rudely interrupted!

Read a book! 

Why not take yourself off up to bed early or snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket and a cuppa and escape to another world for an hour or so. You will be surprised how relaxed and refreshed you feel after reading for an hour! This has to be one of my favorite forms of self-care!

Have someone else cook dinner! 

If you are living with someone else why not ask them to cook dinner. I don’t know about you but being relieved of the pressure of deciding what to cook is so nice! 

Get a takeaway

I mean if you wanted to, you could just skip the last idea and just do this one. This is probably a better idea if you’re a lone parent. 

Stay in your pjs! 

Have a pj day with the kids! My kids love to stay in their pjs and spend all day playing on the front room floor! Why not go the full hog and bring your duvets down and watch movies! 

Make your bed!

This is one I think always helps! There is nothing better than walking back into your room and seeing a freshly made bed!

Freshly made bed for self-care
Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

Put on clean sheets 

There is nothing better than climbing into fresh bedding, especially after having a bath! Get some fresh sheets on to make you feel, extra squeaky clean.

Have a pamper evening!

Painting your nails and putting on a face mask can make you feel amazing! Stick on a good movie, put on a foot mask and relax.

Listen to a podcast!

I love listening to podcasts! Listening to other inspiring people talking about their journeys gets me so motivated! Click here to see a list of my favorite podcasts. Sometimes hearing about other people being in your situation and still going on to achieve their goals, is the perfect form of self-care!

Listening to a podcast for self-care
Photo by Melanie Pongratz on Unsplash

Give the kids an extra hour screen time! 

This may be seen as a very controversial opinion but sometimes, when the kids are running around and hyper all you want is an hour to sit down and drink a hot cup of tea (Yes tea is normally served hot!) Give the kids an extra hour of screen time to give yourself that opportunity.

Don’t clean for a day!

If like me cleaning is thebaine of your life, then give yourself a day off! You deserve a day where you don’t need to worry about doing the washing or washing up.

Buy yourself something new! 

We all know the situation where we go out with the intention of buying ourselves a new pair of jeans and we come home with a massive bag full of stuff for the kids and you still didn’t get your jeans. Spend some time treating yourself to something! Have fun and enjoy spoiling yourself! 

I hope you find these self-care ideas useful! If you have any ideas be sure to comment them down below! 

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