1 thing you need for open cup training

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I don’t know about you but I struggled to teach Cohen to drink from an open-top cup. I found that no matter what I tried, there were would still be drink everywhere, and Cohen would be soaked. So as Kaiden is approaching the same age, I thought that I should be making the transition and I was dreading it! Although my prayers were answered when Claire from Ez-sip sent me an email. 

Ez-sip is a family ran company. Claire is the busy mum of two and when her youngest daughter turned 1, she wanted to make the transition as easy as possible. 

“I wanted something that gave the real feeling of drinking from a cup. No spouts, no straws and something easy to clean!” -Claire Ez-sip.

What was I sent?

I received a pack of two silicone covers. When purchasing you have a choice of having two of a colour or one white and one blue. The covers came in a ziplock bag along with care instructions. 

When reading the instructions it was recommended that you give the covers a good wash, with soapy water and let them air dry before using them. 

Washing the covers was really easy. You can rinse them off easy and giving them a really good scrub is good because they are easy to manipulate and get into every nook and cranny. I’m sure we all know the struggles of washing Milk out of sippy cups.

They also dried well. I tried drying them with a towel and also letting them air dry. They did seem to collect and hold lots of water when sat on the draining board and when trying with a towel the cover wasn’t difficult to run the towel along which made drying so much quicker.

1 thing you need for open cup training Ez-sip cup covers
Ez-sip covers on a large and small tumbler

What were they like to use?

I used the covers on two different cups. I had a smaller cup and a tumbler style cup. Getting the cover onto the smaller cup was easy although I did struggle to get it on (because I was worried it would break) but it went on and it went on really easily. 

There was a really tight seal around the edge which meant that there were no leaks and the hole in the top, too big that Kaiden’s little mouth couldn’t cover it. And when I took the cover it went straight back to its original shape! 

They also have the tabs on the side to make putting it cover on and taking it off so much easier. 

Another thing I loved was that the covers are see-through. This meant that Kaiden was able to see how much was in the cup and also see when to expect the liquid to come out of the cup. 

Kaiden was able to grab the cup and just give it ago. I didn’t have to stand over him watching and waiting for him to spill some. 

How much do these cost?

You can purchase a pack of two Ez-sip covers for £5.95 with postage and packaging being just £1.

The time between the item being sent and delivery was only about 2 or 3 days. 

What were my thoughts? 

I absolutely loved this product! This isn’t something that you will go into mother care and find and I really hope to see Ez-sip in stores soon.

The price for these covers are SO reasonable. If you go on Amazon I don’t think you will find something of the same quality for the same price.

I also love that the use of these covers aren’t restricted just to children. They can also be used by people with disabilities or the elderly that are more prone to spilling their drinks but want to maintain independence. 

Ez-sip website

I definitely think it would be good to see these covers come in a different range of sizes. This may make using them on bottles more universal. However, I think this is the only recommendation I have.

If you would like to purchase your own set of the Ez-Sip covers then head on over to their website by clicking here

Make sure to use code KAIDEN15 to get 15% off your order! 

Make sure to leave a review on their website as well! 

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