My experience with the contraceptive patch

Since having Kaiden 6 months ago, I have wanted to give the contraceptive patch a try. I tried the pill but, having to take the pill at exactly the same time each day was too much pressure. So 5 month ago I went back and got the patch from my GP.

How it works?

The patch is placed on skin and the hormones (Oestrogen and Progesterone.) are released in daily doses. The hormones thicken the lining of the cervix and prevents ovulation.

How to use the patch

You receive 9 patches in a pack. A patch is applied on the same day each week, (I change mine on a Monday morning.) The patch can be placed on your arm, leg or bum, (I place mine on the top of my bum cheek so in the summer, I can wear shorts and swimsuits and it wont show.) When changing the patch you must ensure you place it somewhere new each time. So if you put it on your arm you, must alternate arms each week. On the 4th week you have patch free week, which is the week where you would bleed.

Its recommended that you apply your first patch on the first day of your period. This will protect you immediately!

How do I dispose of the patch?

On the front of the packaging for each patch is a small label. The latch is placed here and the label is stuck over the top. This seals the patch in place so it can’t come loose and fall out.


  • Easy to use
  • It still works for you if your sick.
  • You don’t have to remember to take it daily


  • The patch only seems to available for lighter skinned people. So if you naturally have tanned skin, it will stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Your skin may become irritated.
  • Lint may get stuck around the edge. ( I find this happens if I wear dark underwear.)

My experience

I am really happy with the patch! It has helped regulate my periods. I haven’t had any issues with the patches coming off and my skin is AMAZING! I think this is a brilliant form of contraception!

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