My must-have blogging routine

I’m sure if you asked a group of bloggers, “what is your blogging routine?” they would all give you different answers. Some may give you a daily plan whereas, someone may give you a monthly plan. You may get given an hour by hour explanation or you may get a brief overview. 

I have read A LOT of posts (check out my blogging Pinterest board!) and have watched way too many Youtube videos on the topic. to save you the trouble I am going to show you my routine! My blogging routine is set over a week. So the steps you see are done day by day!

Pre- routine prep

I start off making my plan. I decided how many posts I ideally wanted to post each week. I chose one-two posts a week. I also sat and wrote a list of blog posts ideas and put them into categories! Websites like Trello and Asana are brilliant for this! 

Trello dashboard from my blogging routine
My trello dashboard

Then came producing my editorial calendar. Here I plan out every post I am going to write throughout the month and what social media posts I will be doing as-well.

** Keep an eye out for a blog post on this coming soon**

my editorial calendar from my blogging routine
My editorial calendar

My blogging routine begins at the start of the month. I spend a few hours looking through and filling out my editorial calendar. Once all the blog posts have been I go over to Onenote and start to write notes or and outline on each post. This way I have a rough idea of what I want to talk about!  

Onenote dashboard from my blogging routine
My Onenote dashboard

Blogging routine

First, I start by doing any research I may need for the post! This can be researching photos, reading related articles, anything that can help produce good content. I make sure to write any bit of information down on my Onenote notebook! 

Next, Is the fun part! I will get up a Google document and write everything I want to say on the document. I don’t worry too much about whether it makes sense or if I have spelling mistakes, I will go back and check that later. 

Then the next step, is going through and piecing bits together. I will go through and produce the main body of my blog post. Now is when I will make sure things make sense and there aren’t any spelling mistakes. 

Next, I go through and produce any graphics I need for my posts. I love to use Canva for a lot of these things. I will make Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram graphics as well as resizing any photos that need to go into the post! I then get these added into the posts, scheduled with their captions written and any hashtags added. For scheduling posts I use Socialpilot and Plann!  

Canva homepage from my blogging routine
Canva homepage

Finally, I go through and proofread the blog post on last, making sure everything looks good. I also like to make sure my post is as SEO ready as possible! **Post coming on this soon as well**

Work in progress

Although I have this routine, it is still a work in progress. Sometimes spelling mistakes slip through and I don’t notice them for a week or so.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any steps that you do that I don’t, please comment them below. 

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