My Birth story – Cohen

The closer I get to the Cohen starting school, the more I think about the day I became a mum. It was an amazing but very quick process. I and Mike weren’t living together at this point. We were due to move in together the following Friday.  Here is my at-home birth story;

Thursday 30th June

At this point I was 4 days overdue and my SPD was so bad that they I was begging them to do something. My Midwife said that she could give me a sweep to see if that could get things moving.The sweep its self wasn’t to bad. It was uncomfortable but it’s not something to worry about. She told me that I was already about 1-2cms and that she could feel his head. She told me to expect some cramps and that a small amount of plug may come away and I may have some spotting and it was all normal. She said that if I wasn’t in labour within 48 hours it didn’t work. So I waddled away with some cramps as expected.The cramps were on and off throughout the day but when I went to bed that night they stopped, so I put it down to Braxton hicks.

Friday 1st July

I woke up and everything was normal. I went about my day and began to get the back ache again. I again didn’t think anything of it because it had gone away the night before. As the day went on I was get more uncomfortable, to the point I was struggling to sit down.By the evening I was so uncomfortable I needed something to fill my time before I could have a bath. So my mum asked if I would drive to Asda and get some shopping for her. She suggested the walk would do me good and she was right. By the time I got there and was walking around I hadn’t noticed the cramps starting to move around my lower stomach.I went home had my bath and went to bed, and as I settled down the cramps stopped. I was gutted.

My birth story - Cohen
My baby bump at 40 weeks

Saturday 2nd July

I woke up at 3am with a dull tightening pain wrapping round my stomach. I wasn’t sure if it really was a contraction or not so I sat on my exercise ball and waited to see what happened. Sure enough 5 minutes later I felt another one, then 7 minutes later another. I was confused that the times weren’t equal. So I spent the next 2 hours sat on my own timing each contraction.


At this point my contractions had equalled out and were 7 minutes apart. So I went and woke my mum. She was so excited and she actually stared crying. I stayed sat on my exercise ball breathing through each contraction.I began to notice that between each big contraction, I was having smaller contractions that were lasting about a 1 minute. So I called the hospital and they told me to take some paracetamol and to have a hot bath.  My mum ran me a bath whilst I called Mike to let him know that our son was on his way.


I had been sat in the bath for about 30 minutes at this point and my contractions were getting closer and closer together. My sister was awake now and was sat timing each contraction. They began to jump from 5 minute to 2 minutes apart and I was beginning to feel the need to poo.I asked my sister to call the hospital and tell them I was going to be coming in soon as I felt that I needed some help with the pain.


Something told me that I needed to get out of the bath. Before I knew it, I was on my hands and knees in the bathroom floor and contractions were coming every minute. My body had taken over and was pushing and Mike still wasn’t here.At this point my sister had called the hospital 3 times and they still hadn’t called back to tell us what to do. Then mid contraction I felt a pop, my waters had broken. I looked down and there was a small amount of water on the floor and what was left of my plug came away.

8 am

My sister spoke with the hospital desk and they told her to call an ambulance if I needed and I agreed. Mike turned up soon after. I was moved to a bed and was told to lay on my left hand side. My sister went downstairs and waited for the ambulance whilst, Mike continued on the phone with the ambulance dispatcher.After what felt like a few moments but could have been a few minutes , a very nice ambulance crew arrived and gave me gas a mouth piece to some gas and air. Here is where things begin to get fuzzy…Now can I just take a moment to express my love for this magical drug! Every body laughs but it honestly was the thing that got me through and I would 100% recommend try it!


At around this point three midwives arrived and took over. The midwife in charge told me her name (which I actually didn’t remember until I got my paper work.) and told me that she was going to check me over. If I was close to birth then we were staying put and if I was close enough away then they would be transporting me to the hospital. A few seconds later she announced we were staying put, I was 8 cm and it seemed our little man wasn’t waiting around.Over the next half and hour my memory tends to fade in and out. I can remember the midwife trying to check his heart beat multiple times but I would bat her away as soon as a contraction started.

9 am

I believe I started to push and he was making his way down. I remember at one point the midwife explained that with every contraction his heart rate dropped so they wanted to give me an episiotomy (I wont explain it because it makes my eyes water). It was pain less from what I can remember.My next memory is of them telling me to keep pushing as his chin was nearly out. Next I was told to keep pushing and then the pressure went and the relief hit me. There was silence and I felt everyone in the room panic for a second. 30 seconds later he let out a massive cry and he was placed on my chest.Cohen Martin Brown was delivered at home at 9:45am. It was the most amazing moment of my life.For those of  you that are expecting a baby and your nervous. Being nervous it totally normal, but I promise that the moment you hear your baby cry and you hold that baby in your arms you will forget everything, and it will all be worth it!

Here is my birth story! Although it was stressful it was a truly amazing experience and i would do it 100000x over!

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