Mummy Evening routine

This is continued from my previous post Mummy Morning routine.


Cohen will normally wake up at this point. Once he wakes up we will change his nappy and then go down to make him some lunch. He will normally have a sandwich, a packet of crisps and a yogurt, but today we decided to have scrambeled eggs on toast. I seem to find if he feeds himself, he eats a lot better.



I will normally clean him up because he is covered in the filling from his sandwich, or the yogurt he has ‘fed’ himself. He will then go through and play with his toys. He is quite happy playing on his own, I will take this time to spend sometime playing with him.


Either me or Cohen are peckish now so we may stop to have a snack. Once this is done  I may do a bit more cleaning, so there isn’t loads to do once Cohen is in bed.

Cohen loves these Mamia yogurt pouches. They have screw on lids which make it a life saver and he can eat they all by himself!!



I try my best to make sure that Cohen is eating his dinner by now. I like for him to have at least 30 mins to and hour between eating to getting into the bath. He isn’t a very fussy eater, so he will eat just about anything. I will also cook my dinner now but I will eat it later.


Again typically by now Cohen has finished his dinner and will go back into the front room to play with his toys and watch TV. Mean while, I  will run Cohen’s bath whilst setting up his Pj’s.20180126_192849


Cohen is now bathed and getting into his pj’s. He will then jump into his cot, whist he waits for his bottle. I will then settle down and listen to his audio CD.


If I’m having a bath I will begin to run it whilst I eat my dinner.


Depending on the day of the week Mike finishes work later so I will spend an hour in the bath and then spend the rest of the evening waiting for Mike to come home.


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