Morning routine with two children under 4

It has taken some time since having Kaiden to get both the boys into some sort of routine. If I’m honest, it’s still not concrete, but it works for us. For me having both kids in a routine from the beginning, has been a life saver. Cohen thrived on routine and if it was changed did we know it! Thankfully now he is a lot more flexible. So here is our morning routine.


I try to get up at 5am each morning to give myself some time before the kids wake up. This isn’t always achievable, so the kids normally wake me up at around 6 am.

6:05- 6:30am 

First thing we do is go into the boys bedroom and get them changed. Cohen is still in pull ups at night, so I will go in and change both the boys. They will then have their inhalers, i have to do it now because if I don’t then I will forget and its vital they have it. (We spent all of November and December last year in and out of hospital with Kaiden.)

We then go down stairs and go into the front room and stick the TV on. Whilst the kids are in the front room watching Tv and playing I will make the kids their breakfast. They tend to have cereal or toast for breakfast. Cohen particular about what he eats and these are two things I know he will eat. 

cup on bed side table in the morning

6:30- 7am

Once they have both finished eating I have a little tidy of the kitchen and wipe down the table. I will then put a load of washing on and fold up any washing that needs to be put away. 


Next, I will find time to slip upstairs and get changed. I will then do my hair and makeup in the kitchen. Once I am sorted I will run around and tidy up, make beds and open the curtains. On the mornings Cohen has pre-school I will, get Cohen’s stuff read any get him to preschool for 9am 

9-11 am

Between this time I will see if either or both of the boys need/ want a nap and if they do I will jump at the opportunity to do some work (check out my Instagram!) without being interrupted. If both the boys don’t go down for a nap, I will take my laptop into the front room or the kitchen and try my best to get as much work as I can get done. 


I will stop for 10 minutes to swap over loads of washing and grab a cup of tea. If I can I will go back to doing some work. If the kids are both awake, I will get them changed and get them some lunch. If I can I will try and get some more work. 

So this is our busy morning routine which seems to fly by. If you like this blog post make sure to check out my previous blog posts! 

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