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I love reading to the boys and I think they enjoy it when I read to them. I love watching them get excited as the story builds and their faces when they guess the end of the story.  

We all know the stories Winnie-the-pooh, the hungry caterpillar and many other kids books. They all seem to follow the same narrative and can become pretty boring.  

I was lucky enough to have been approached by Carolina who asked if Cohen would like to have a read of her new book ‘I found a poo’. 

‘I found a poo’ is a story about a cat called Mr. Marmalade . Whilst he is out and about he finds some poo on the floor this puts him in a very bad mood and he sets out to find the culprit.  

book on a black background with two teddies

First thoughts

The book itself is so brightly coloured an eye catching that it instantly attracts your attention, obviously this makes it irresistible to kids.

 The story goes through a handful of animals and what their poo looks like, until they find who did it and why.  

The boys loved this book, they loved looking through the amazing illustrations and they also loved trying to guess who the pop belonged to!  

Final thoughts

I loved that it was so light hearted and at points even I giggled. Cohen took this book into bed with him that night and woke up wanting to read it again before school.  

I would 100% recommend I found a pop and any or Carolinas other books!  

Where can I find Carolina?

If you would like to see Carolina’s collection then head over to her website now!  

And make sure to give her Facebook a follow as well. 

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