How to survive Christmas shopping with the kids

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Welcome to the most wonderful and the busiest time of year. Whilst we all enjoy the countdown to Christmas and decorating the tree there is one thing that I’m sure we all dread doing… Christmas shopping! 

Everyone bunched together in shops, the long lines waiting to pay, it’s enough to drive anyone mad. Let’s not mention the added stress of taking the kids with you! 

Whist this Christmas we might not be crammed into the shops, shopping is still going to be stressful. 

Here is my guide to surviving Christmas shopping this year with kids! 

Know what your getting! 

This is something I start in August/September time. I create a list of my phone of gift ideas for everyone. Keeping it on my phone makes it easier to add things as I go.

I will then make an Amazon list and I add everything this way. I make sure all of the bits are within my price range. 

Buy what you can online 

This day and age this is probably a given but with Covid playing its part it’s going to be easier to have thing delivered to your home. 

If your kids are anyhting like mine they will love playing with the boxes! 

Make sure to disinfect everything when it arrives! 

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Try to do anything shopping in one trip

This seems like such a silly thing to say but I did this last year and it made things so much easier.

I sat down the night before and wrote down everything I needed. I wrote down each item under the name of the shop I had to go and get them from. This makes dragging the kids around the shops a shorter ordeal.

This includes making sure you know if a shop does what you want. I go on to the shops website and check they do what I would like. 

Plan something special for the kids after

Last year it would have been getting lunch somewhere they like after, or going to soft play or the park.  But this year it will more likely be something like getting home and watching a film under the blanket or letting them have an extra hour screen time. 

Plan regular breaks

This will help the kids stop from getting restless especially if they are in a pushchair. I always make sure to pack a drink and some snacks to keep us going. 

Also, make sure to throw in a trip to the toilets every now and then. 

Make sure your kids know the rules

I think this is especially important if they are walking around and its busy! 

I always make sure to set the rules out to my boys before we get out of the car. If your child is old enough I would make sure they know what to do if they got lost.  

I make sure they know what our password is (incase anyone approaches them and says that they know me) and that we have a meeting place to go to. 

I hope that these tips help you this year! If you have a tip for surviving christmas shopping with the kids, then please comment it down below! 

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