How to plan blog content using an editorial planner!

How are you currently planning and tracking your blog content? Are you going with the flow? Do you write everything in a notebook or are you using whatever you have at hand? In January I decided to take blogging seriously and with that, I created my editorial planner. Sound like something you need? Keep reading to find out how I did it! 

Why do I need an Editorial planner?

I am a big lover of notebooks! I get excited at the thought of sitting down and writing in a new notebook. My issue was that I would put these notebooks in a “safe place” that was so safe even I couldn’t find it or I would be struck with an idea for a post and realize that I had left my notebook at home. I decided that I needed something that was easy to access, that I can add something to at a moments notice. 

Some other reasons that you may need an editorial planner is;
  • You can easily add and remove things from your schedule. 
  • You can plan your posts months in advance which means you always know what t write about! 
  • It is easier for you to see what posts stick with your niche.

How do I make an editorial planner?

There are plenty of ways to create a planner to suit your needs. You can use Asana or Trello, You can head over to Etsy and buy a digital download. I have produced my planner in a Google docs sheet. (Scroll down to download it for free!! )

What do I add to my editorial planner? 

The best thing about creating a planner like this is you can make it exactly how you like it! In my planner, I have a small that I use to highlight the dates that I want to schedule posts for and also a column for any big events I may want to remember when writing and scheduling posts.

colour coded calendar on my planner
Calendar on my planner

I also have a social media planner that I use to put in awareness days I may want to post for and when I will want to do promotional posts for my blog posts. 

Social media planner from my editorial planner
Social media planner

How do I fill out my planner?

I  normally start by going through and filling in all the awareness days into my social media planner. This helps me see if there are any blog posts I may be able to write with relating to these days. 

Then I go through and look at all the holidays. For example, Easter, Christmas, etc.) I do the here to see if what content I can produce relating to these topics.  If I work with brands I will go through and put this content in as well.

At the end of the month my planner will look like this! I fill blog posts I have already written and have scheduled in green. 

My completed editorial planner

I have a blank copy of my editorial planner available! Fill out the form below to get it! I really hope you found this post helpful! 

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