How to implement sleep hygiene

If you are a mum you will know what it feels like to wake up and feel just as tired as you were when you went to sleep. Sleep hygiene can help you get a better quality sleep. 

I’m going to implement sleep for a week to see, how it changes my sleep! 

What is sleep hygiene?

Strong sleep hygiene means having both a bedroom environment and daily routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep. 

Keeping a stable sleep schedule, making your bedroom comfortable and free of disruptions, following a relaxing pre-bed routine, and building healthy habits during the day can all contribute to ideal sleep hygiene – 

What can a lack of sleep do to me? 

Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy. 

How much sleep do I need?

Most of us need around 8 hours of good-quality sleep however, some people need more and some people need less. What matters is that you find out how much sleep you need and then try to achieve it. 

How to implement sleep hygiene?

Keep the same routine each day 

By this, it means that you get up at the same time and you to bed at the same time. This will help your body know when its tie to wind down and get ready for bed! 

Cut out the caffeine 

It is recommended that you don’t drink caffeine after 3 pm. This gives your body time to process and ‘come down’ from the effects of the caffeine. 


Exercising once a day is recommended. It’s said to be better to exercise in the morning or a maximum of 3 hours before you go to bed. This gives your body the energy boost it needs to get through the day.

Of course, we aren’t talking about going to the gym first thing in the morning. It coil be as simple at taking a walk around the block. 

Restrict technology use 

Your devices put out blue light, which stops your body from producing those hormones that help us sleep. 

So you have two solutions that can help you. You can either turn off all of your devices an hour before you go to bed or you can invest in blue light glasses. 

Limit what goes on in the bedroom 

They say that you should limit what goes in the bedroom to sleeping and umm… the romantic things that people do. 

This helps your brain know once again when its time to go bed relaxing for bed. 

Create the ideal environment

We all have an ideal environment. Some people like to have things completely silence whereas some people like to have some noise. Some people like to have light in their room and some people do. Work out what is best for you and make sure you have what you need. 

Use white noise or a fan

If you need noise when you are falling asleep then grab a fan or a white noise machine. This will help you stayed relaxed as you doze off.

Clean your room! 

Tidy bedroom, tidy mind! Having less clutter and mess in your room will help you relax and drift off to sleep. 

Create a bedtime ritual 

By creating a bedroom routine you give your brain signals that bedtime is coming just like babies. Make sure to keep your bedtime ritual simple and easy to follow. 

Make sure to come back and see how it all goes and how I feel after! 

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