Homemade baby food- My opinion

*DISCLAIMER* This post is purely talking about my view and/or opinion on the subject. I am in no way judging anyone who has/has not used the methods.

I have seen a lot of people debating about whether homemade baby food is better then the shop brought jars. People say that jarred food has no nutritional value and are a waste on money. I have used both in the past 2 years and I honestly they both have pros and cons.


This is something I was adamant about trying, when it came to weaning. I loved doing it, I always made extra when making our meals and blend it up and freeze it ready for another day.


One of the biggest pros i found was that you knew exactly what was going in to it and this made it easier for me to feed it to him.

Second of all you can make as much as you want. You don’t have to buy a big jar to then have to throw half of it away. You can do meals in little tubs or i ice cubes trays which ever works for you space wise.

The final pro i found was that i could make it to the consistency that I wanted. I really struggled with weaning as I worried a lot about him choking. By making it myself I could make the consistency how I liked it.


The biggest con I found was it can be very time consuming. I found that I would end up spending up to 2 hours a week making meals to freeze for him. Whilst this time I was willing to put it, it took up a lot of time I needed to do everything else.

It can cost a lot. If you include a blender and tubs you my need to buy then that could add a big lump on to your budget. Especially if you will want to buy a lot of fresh fruit and veg to go in the meals.

Finally it can take up a lot of space in your home. I found that because we only have a small freezer that the draw I would use would not hold many meals which also meant I had to make these meals more often.

Jarred Food

This is something I have also done and Cohen loved the meals. There are a very big variety of meals, in terms of choice and brands.


The first most obvious pro is how convenient they are. You can buy them in dishes ready to eat from and have them ready to eat in less than 1 minute. They are also brilliant for if your on a day out. Throw one in your bag and you don’t have to worry about it.

The second pro is that they are portion controlled according to age. For a 6 month old the jars are reasonably small and the size increases with the age. This may mean less food wasted.

Finally, the last pro is that they are already made to a consistency that is suitable for the age range your buying. This makes it easier for worrying mums like me.


First of all there is the price. The cheapest meal I know of is about £1.60. Which isn’t a lot but if your buying enough meals last for lunch and dinner for everyday for 2 weeks that would be around £45 extra to your shopping.

The second and last con is that there may be added extras within the meals. By this i mean added sugars and preservatives. This is something that they normally put on the label but you can never truly know for sure.

I personally think that making your own meals are better, purly because I know what’s going into the meals. I will definetly be doing this again with this little one.

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4 thoughts on “Homemade baby food- My opinion

  1. We made/Make almost everything homemade for Tyler as we are vegans(my partner and I) anyway so we are used to spending a long time in the kitchen! It is time consuming indeed but personally I enjoy it! I loved making new purees for Tyler, I got so excited for him to try new things! 🙂

  2. I made everything for our children; yes, there was the initial investment of the containers to store the food in, but other than that, it was so much cheaper than buying jars or other prepared foods. I really enjoyed making the food, and trying different recipes, and we were happier knowing exactly what went into their meals.

  3. we do a mix, I do make alot of my youngest meals but sometimes a jar or a premade meal goes down just as good and there are so many fantastic brands now too which is a plus! i think its like anything parenting that you do what you feel is best x

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