Contraception after birth

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I began to think about what form of contraception I wanted to use, after having Kaiden. I had a few ideas, but as I was breastfeeding, I knew my options where limited.

At 3 weeks postpartum I was informed by my Midwife, I could go and get some contraception. My options were the mini pill, the injection, the implant or the coil. These were the only options that were available that wouldn’t affect my milk supply or be passed through to the baby.

The mini pill also known as POP, is a progesterone only medication. The pill works by making the mucus/ lining on the cervix thicker making it harder for, sperm to travel into the uterus and fertilising your egg. The mini pill is the same as the implant and the coil in the sense that it only using progesterone. One of the common side effects within the first 3 months of using the mini pill, is that you have ‘break through bleeding’. These are small periods of bleeding with can range from light spotting to heavy bleeding like your period may normally be.

The mini pill is taken at the same time every day. I take mine at 9pm every evening along with my other medications. When you receive your pills you get a box with 3 months worth of tablets. Each month of tablets are in little foil sachet.

On the back of each blister packs are the days of the week, this helps you keep track of if you have taken your tablet each day.

The good thing I have found with the mini pill is that you have a 12 hour window to take your pill in, before it is no longer safe to have unprotected sex. So because I take mine at 9 pm, if I forgot to take my pill I have until 9 am the next morning to take it and still be safe.

Other forms of contraception that are available at the ring, the copper coil and the combined pill. These can’t be given to you until your 6 – 8 weeks postpartum.

If you would like advice on contraception and STI prevention, you can visit the NHS choices website or the let’s talk about it website to find your local sexual health clinic.

NHS Choices- Contraception

Let’s talk about it

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