Self care ideas

I will be the first person to admit that I never use to take time for me. If I wasn’t at college, I was doing college work. If I wasn’t working, I was doing work to work towards extra qualifications. Since becoming a parent, I realised that you literally can’t do everything in 24 hours […]

Homemade baby food- My opinion

*DISCLAIMER* This post is purely talking about my view and/or opinion on the subject. I am in no way judging anyone who has/has not used the methods. I have seen a lot of people debating about whether homemade baby food is better then the shop brought jars. People say that jarred food has no nutritional […]

Mental health and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard on your body from all aspects. There are a lot changes that occur physically and mentally. We all know the changes that occur physically and we know that with hormones your emotions can be all over the place. Some women struggle to get out of bed in the morning, have a shower […]

Co-sleeping-My opinion

*DISCLAIMER* This post is purely talking about my opinion. I am in no way putting down any parents that have used this method. This is just why I won’t/don’t use co-sleeping. There are things that people have always debated about parenting. Breastfeeding, weaning, dummies etc, but this is the one that I see a big […]

Open letter to Parents

To all parents,   Having a hard day? Feel like you’re doing the worst you possibly can? Well you’re doing a brilliant job! We can’t be perfect everyday. Who cares if the washing is piled high and if the dishes haven’t been washed. As long as those kids are fed and clean that is all […]

Product review: Aveeno

In my previous Childrens bed time routine- 18 month old I mentioned that I used Aveeno with my son. I had a few people comment and message me some questions so I thought I would do a thorough review. I originally brought this for my son as he suddenly come up with a eczema/ dry skin. I […]

Tips for travelling with a toddler

  I often hear many mums talk about how they are dreading a long journey or being out for long periods of time with their little ones. I can see why toddlers are a handful when they are walking let alone when they are tired.  That’s why I thought I would share my tips: Pack […]

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