My breastfeeding experiences

*DISCLAIMER! This post contains pictures and talk about breastfeeding! If this is something you’re not particularly fond it, it may be worth giving this post a miss!* If you have been following me for a while you may know that I have tried to breastfeed both of my children. Both times I have never been […]

Night time routine with 2 children

Since having Kaiden it’s the night-time routine that has changed the most. I have gone from calmly going from dinner to bed, to now frantically bath 2 children in an hour so that Kaiden won’t disturbed Cohen too much! Here is my night time routine; 4pm I start my evening routine by putting the oven […]

Summer Wish list 2018

Happy Summer Guys!! This is by far my favourite time of year and its finally our first proper summer as a family. Summer of 2016 Cohen was only weeks old, Summer 2017 Cohen couldn’t walk well enough and this year he is running around like a lunatic. So I have decided that I wanted to […]

Moving from a cot to a bed

A month or two ago we had to mover Cohen from his cot to a toddler bed. The moment I had been waiting months to happen finally happened. Cohen somehow managed to take a tumble, head first over the side of his cot. God knows how he did it. Changes we made to his room. […]

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