Baby wings dummy case review!

I have been given the amazing opportunity to work with Baby wings,once again. Baby wings is a company I have fallen in love with ever since they launched their first product and have continued to buy their products away from doing reviews.Baby wings dummy clip review. However, I have recently been asked to review their newest product, dummy/ pacifier cases.

Price and shipping

The dummy cases come in a pack of 3 which are all different colours, as you can see in the image.

This multi pack costs £5.99, which I think is brilliant. However, I do however feel that because you can’t choose the colour of the dummy cases, may mean that one or more of the cases may end up going to waste. I personally don’t mind using a pink case for my little boys but if someone had a little girl, they may only end up using one of the cases. Between ordering and receiving the product I waited around a week maybe 10 days, and the product is also available on Amazon Prime next day delivery, which I think is brilliant!


The products were packages well. The cases themselves had a cardboard outing, which had how to use and clean the cases written on. I liked that each of the products has their own set on instruction attached to them, because I know that I am forever buying products reading the instructions and then they end up getting thrown away and I can’t remember how to clean it. This way the instructions are available should you misplace them.


To ensure that I could give an informed I used this product for 2 weeks.
The product itself has a large ‘click lock’ hoop. The hoop is large enough that it could be hung onto the handle of your pushchair, which made taking it with you a lot easier.

It also has a pressure lock, which stops the case from being opened easily. I liked this because if dropped the sterile dummies won’t get dirty.

The dummy case holds 2 dummies( I use Tommee Tippee dummies) Which makes using it even more convenient, as you don’t need to be carrying more than one case around, on a day out.


To come to a conclusion I thought that like other products I have tried this product was brilliant. The price is more than reasonable, and the product is durable and easy to use. I will definitely be recommending this to all my mummy friends!
To get your dummy cases and to check out their other products head on over to the baby wings website and their Amazon store.

Baby wings website

Baby wings Amazon store

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