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baby shower ideaI won’t be throwing myself a baby shower for this baby. I did however have a small baby shower that the girls that I worked with threw for me. I do look forward to maybe being able to throw a baby shower for someone. So here are my favourite baby shower ideas.

Things that you need to think about.

Before you start there are somethings you need to think about. So you need to think about;

What budget do you have?

Where are you going to host the shower?

Themes- Do you know the gender? If you know the gender you may decide to go with a certain colour scheme, and if you don’t are you going to stick with yellow or look at other colours?

Do the parents want to do a gender reveal?

Who are you going to invite? How are you going to invite people?

Are you going to make the shower a surprise?

What decorations are you going to use?

What food are you going to offer? Are you going to do a simple buffet or do baby orientated foods?

Are you going to have a cake? Are you going to make it yourself or pay someone to make it?

What games are you going to play?

Are you going to do favours or gift bags?

Whilst thinking about this I have scrolled through Pinterest and found some gorgeous ideas. I have put some of those ideas below for you.


There are so many choices you can choose from that you can either buy online or you can make yourself.

Pom poms

These are so cute and they can either be hung from the ceiling or pinned to a banner or wall.

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You can buy these on Amazon. I found a pack of 12 for £7.99. Or you can make these with string and some tissue paper as shown below.



Amazon pom pom link



I love spreading this on tables. It makes it look so pretty. You can find bags of confetti on amazon for as cheap as £1.09.

You could make the confetti but I imagine it would take up a lot of time.




Ice ice baby challenge

If you buy these mini plastic babies and place them in an ice-cube tray and submerge in water and freeze. Remove and place into everyone’s drink. Once the ice cue melts you shout ‘my water broke!’ The first to shout it wins!


Guess the size of mums waist

Give everyone a ball of string and get them to estimate and cut a piece. Then measure mums waist, the closest person to the measurement wins.


Guess the guest

When inviting everyone ask them to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. Pin them up on the wall and have everyone guess. The person who gets the most correct wins.




These cakes are amazing! It takes a lot of time to make. My favourites are below:

Baby bump



Elephant cake


Peter rabbit



Why don’t you head on over to my pinterest board and see some more of my ideas!

Have you thrown or had a baby shower? Show me some of your photos in the comments!


These images were taken from Pinterest!

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