Asthma -5 things you need to deal with this winter

As the weather gets colder those pesky germs are going to start making their rounds. Everyone will be full of cold (especially the kids). For some people winter just doesn’t mean colds it also means a spike to asthma difficulties. 

Last year we were in and out of hospital every month from October to January with our youngest. Kaiden is now being treated for severe asthma. Because of this, we have set up a few things for this year in the hopes that we won’t spend most of our time in hospital. 

I wanted to share with you the 5 things that we have done to prepare for this winter.

Make an Asthma Plan

If you are asthmatic then, you should be having at least one appointment a year with an asthma nurse or doctor. They should be helping you devise an asthma plan and making sure your asthma pumps are still working for you. 

We are currently seeing the children respiratory clinic twice a year however I think that when we hit a year of controlled asthma, it will go down to once a year. 

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Book your flu jabs

I have seen that the NHS have really been encouraging young people to have the flu jab this year. I know that this is obviously because of Covid-19. We have had both the boys booked in to have their flu vaccines today. Flu for someone with Asthma can be deadly!

If you have a child aged between 2 to 17 the flu vaccine is normally given as a nasal spray! 

Get your inhalers and/ or tablets ready

This is so important! We have to make sure that Kaiden has access to a pump everywhere we go. So we make sure that we have an asthma kit at our parents houses and in our changing bag at all times. 

At the beginning of each season its important to make sure that any inhalers you have are still in date and useable.

I also make sure that if I have an inhaler open that, I have a new unopened one ready. 

Make sure your pumps and spacers are clean. 

You can take your pumps and spacers apart and soak them in warm soapy water. I normally leave these to soak for an hour and then allow them to air dry.  

Doing this makes sure that you are getting the full dose of medication. 

Know your triggers.

There are certain things that can set of an asthma attack or make your asthma worse. These are different people but its important to know what makes you worse. 

For some people certain perfumes or cleaning products can affect people, for some people its certain exercises or weather makes people more prone to asthma attacks. 

For us having a cold can make Kaiden really ill, so have to make sure that as soon as he has a runny nose that we start following our asthma plan. 

If you would like to see a full list of triggers, click here to be taken to the Asthma Uk website.

I hope that these tips are useful to you and i hope they help you throughout winter! 

If you have a tip please comment it down below! 

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