6 pregnancy misconceptions you should know about

6 Pregnancy misconceptions you should know!

6 pregnancy misconceptions you should know about

It wasn’t till I told everyone I was pregnant again that I realised how many people think things about pregnancy that really aren’t true. So I did a search and found a few things that people are told about pregnancy, that aren’t actually true! here are 6 pregnancy misconceptions you should know! 

Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks!

Wrong! This seems to be something that brands are using to promote their products. In fact, Cocoa butter makes the skin more sensitive and some women have found that they become allergic to it throughout their pregnancy.

cocoa butter pregnancy misconception

You can’t go anywhere near cats whilst you’re pregnant…

Wrong! You can go near cats but you shouldn’t touch their poop. This has bacteria in it which can cause Toxoplasmosis, which can seriously harm you and your baby!

cat pregnancy misconception

You shouldn’t have sex, lift your hands above your head or touch your toes whilst pregnant…

This is such a weird one! This isn’t true! I’m not sure what people think will happen if you touch your toes… but it puts no risk to your or your baby!

I mean after about 28 weeks, it would be amazing to be able to reach anything on the floor let alone touch your toes. 

Pregnant women should eat for 2…

Wrong again! This is such an old piece of information. You only ever need to increase your calorie intake during your 3rd trimester. You only ever need to increase it by 300 calories.


Coffee can cause pre-term labour and/ or miscarriage…

Wrong! Whilst caffeine should be kept moderated 1 cup of coffee a day, drinking coffee won’t cause you to go to pre-term labour. 

However, if you do drink more then the recommended amount of coffee it can cause low birth weight and may also cause health problems after. 


coffee pregnancy misconception

The position you had/ have sex in when conceiving determines the gender of the baby…

Wrong! I will admit that I was told with you had sex in the doggy position (I heard that childish giggle) that you have boys. I’m sorry to say but its genetics. The position it just pure coincidence.


Are there any pregnancy misconceptions you have been told that have been proven wrong? If so let me know in the comments below! 

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18 thoughts on “6 Pregnancy misconceptions you should know!

  1. the whole cat thing is a lie too, if you’ve been around cats for long enough AND you don’t give them raw meat then the likelihood of them carrying taxoplasmosis is extremely rare and I believe you can get your cats tested for it too.

  2. I didn’t think I was having any issues with cocoa butter, but my husband thinks it’s behind some of my breakouts (though, that could just be pregnancy), he also thinks it’s linked to my complaints about being itchy.

  3. I absolutely agree with the cocoa butter thing! I’m 18 weeks and slowly ballooning! I now use Bio-oil and its incredible, expensive but so worth it and leave your skin feeling amazing – I’m going OTT with it cus I love the smell Lol xx

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