5 magic gifts you can make with your kids

I don’t know about you but there is nothing I love more than receiving gifts that someone has made for me! I look forward to the last day of the winter term when Cohen comes from school and shows me everything he made.

Over the past few years, I have loved making even small things like a cake by hand to give to people! This year I plan to get the kids involved and watch them have all the fun as well!

If you would like some ideas of homemade gifts you can make for people then carry on scrolling! 


This is something that a family member had asked to receive from the boys as a present this year (Thankfully said family member doesn’t read my blog). I brought them ceramic ‘baubles’ from HobbyCraft for £1 each. I let the kids paint away on it with poster paints and then once it was dry put some PVA glue on it and threw around some glitter!  

The kids had such a brilliant time doing and loved getting covered in paint! 


There are two ways that you can make your keyrings: you can buy the plastic frames or you could get Shrinkies! 

With Shrinkies you paint whatever you like onto the plastic bake it in the oven the Shrinkies down to 7x the size! 

Christmas Cards

This is something the kids love doing! I brought the cards and the stickers from Poundland. I sit the kids down with the pencils and let them go at them! 

There is nothing like having a handmade card on your mantle. 

Salt dough

Salt dough is made using three easy to find ingredients (Salt, plain flour and water) The kids will love getting their hands dirty. You can make anything from paperweights to tree decorations! This is a tea light holder Cohen made me last Christmas at pre-school.

Knitted or Crochet items

You can get a crochet and knitting needles and wool from the pound shop and there are 1000’s of videos on YouTube help you get going. I love Crochet and have been doing it for about 4 years.  This is probably an activity better fitted for older children. 

Here is the crocheted blanket I have made for my mum as a gift! 

Is there an activity you love doing with your little ones? Please let me know down below! 

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