3 Step to teaching you child to self-soothe

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If you are a parent you will know the struggles of having a young baby. One of these being sleep. I was very lucky that both my boys were very content and would settle well. 

*Before I continue, I just wanted to mention that this approach won’t be for everyone. By writing this post I am in no way saying that this I how you must do it. Iam aslo not a professional this is just my experience and how I did it*

Self-soothing is something that I started to implement around 6 months old. At the beginning, this approach can be really hard but after a night or two, they did settle themselves. 

If you would like to know how to teach your child to self-soothe, keep reading! 

Step 1: Create a bedtime routine

The first step is to create a bedtime routine that you can stick to. Once you have created this and you consistently do the same each night, your baby will recognise the cues that it is bedtime is coming. 

We use to have a bath at 5 pm, be getting into bed at 6 pm and read books until 6:30 pm.

Step 2: Create a relaxing environment

This will also help get them ready, for bed. My boys love having a night light in their room. We use these silicone lights. They can either be a one colour or they can cycle through colours throughout the night. 

3 steps to teaching to self soothe
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Step 3: Let them cry it out. 

This is by far the hardest step. Finish your story, lay them in their bed and give them a kiss goodnight. Go out and shut the door. They WILL cry, but the aim is tto ignore it and leave them. 

Keep and ear out for them and if they are getting too worked up. If you think they are go in and settle them back down. I found it was beeter to do this by rubbing their backs. Keep at it and they will eventually drift off to sleep. 

My top tip is to get a video baby monitor. We got one for £20 on Amazon. This put me at rest because I could make sure that the boys weren’t in danger whilst I was gone. 

This is difficult, its not easy to listen to your baby cry. I found after a couple if nights they didnt cry at all. 

Once again, I am not a professional and this wont be for everyone. But please follow your gut instinct. You know your child better than anyone! 

What did you do to help your baby settle themselves? Do you have any tips for teaching your children to self-soothe? If so then comment them down below! 

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4 thoughts on “3 Step to teaching you child to self-soothe

  1. I’d like to add the idea – use the sleep training method that is NOT about crying it out. There are so great alternatives out there! I was using Hold With Love method and I can recommend with all my heart (it’s from http://www.parental-love.com blog). Of course – I had to work our routine out first but then there was The System. So helpful!

    1. I 100% agree that there are other ways! Thank you so much for sharing something that has worked for you!
      I hope you have a brilliant time over the festive period xx

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