20+ things on our summer bucket list!

As we all know very well (very very well), we have been hit by a pandemic. As a result of this, the big list I have of things planned to with the kids during the summer has changed. Thankfully the restrictions are slowly being lifted and as a result, I have been able to build our summer bucket list and I thought I would share it with you.

All of the activities below are things I did as a child and swore I would do with my children. Now they are both at an age where they can enjoy them! So here are the 20+ things on our summer bucket list!

20+ thingson our summer bucketlist

I have tried to choose activities that can be done both at home or out and about that doesn’t mean you have to be around large groups of people;

Have a picnic at the beach

Have a picnic at the park

Grow something

Have a day at the splash park

Have a BBQ

Have a day in the pool

Draw on the pavements with chalk

Have a day at the farm 

Go to lavender field

Watch planes come in and out at Goodwood

Nature walk 

Feed the ducks

Make ice lollies

Go, Strawberry Picking

Go for a nature walk and have a picnic!

Make nice cream – click here for nice cream ispiration!

Make icecream

Spend the day at the beach

Go for a bike ride

Fly a kite

Make bird feeders

Go on a scavenger hunt

My plan is that I’m going to write these all down on lolly sticks and popping them in a jar. Then we will pick a couple of them out each week to do. 

Do you have anything that’s on your bucket list that’s not on mine? Tell me in the comments below!

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