12 ways to keep your home warm on a budget

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As winter creeps closer we will start to feel the chill. I know that keeping our small home warm is SO expensive. So expensive that some people have to choose between eating and being warm. I grew up with my mum being a single parent and there were times where my mum would be struggling and as a result. With the current situation, lots of people are in during the pandemic and the looming 2nd lockdown hanging over everyone I thought I would share a few things I have learnt! Here are the 12 ways to keep your home warm on a budget this year;

Open your curtains

Daylight is free! Especially on those rare days when the sun decided to pop out! Open your curtains and allow the rooms to be warmed up by any daylight. 

Close your curtains

This may seem like an obvious thing however there is a trick my mum taught me. When you close the curtains tuck the bottoms up onto the window sill. As we all know heat rises, if you tuck the bottoms on the curtains onto the window sills it helps create a little bubble. Any cold air from outside can slip into the room and any warm air can’t slip out. If you have a radiator under your window, tuck the curtains behind that. 

12 ways to keep your home warm on a budget

Wrap up

If your cold, throw a few jumpers on or your dressing gowns. My sister feels the cold so much I remember her being sat on the sofa, in pj’s, a onesie, dressing gown, three pairs of socks and a blanket. 

I always wear a spaghetti strap vest underneath any t-shirt and/ or jumper I have on. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DECENT PAIR OF SLIPPERS AS WELL! 

Set your heating on timers

There are now thermostats that can be controlled by your phones. I have never been lucky enough to have the money to have a fancy thermostat however, I think that even on some of the older thermostats you can set timers for you heating to come on. I have my heating to come on at 5:30 am and at 4 pm. We chose these times because there is nothing worse than getting up and house being cold or having a bath getting out and it is freezing. 

Use foil or reflector foil behind radiators.

This is something I have done this year. If you place this behind the radiator is stops a large amount of the heat being absorbed by the wall behind it. 

Reflector foil is relatively cheap. I brought a roll for £5 and it did all of the radiators in my home and I have loads leftover. I simply cut to size and then use double-sided tape to stick the top end to the wall. If you can’t find or afford reflector foil then you can simply use kitchen foil. Do the same thing, use double-sided tape to stick it to the wall. 

Radiator reflector foil – image taken from B&Q click here to go to their site!

Move furniture away from radiators

Having your sofa in front of the radiator may seem like a good idea but it doesn’t allow the heat to through the whole room! 

Move them away even a small amount and allow the heat to move across the room.

Isolate rooms

For us is it easier for us to only heat certain rooms. We turn the heating off on the radiators that we don’t want to heat. We currently only heat the front room, the boys bedroom and the hallway. These are the most important rooms for use because they are used the most. During the colder months, myself and Mike pile blankets on our bed so we can save that money. 

Use an electric heater

We got this last year for £5 on Facebook. Although this may seem redundant we have found that by using an electric heater in the boys room for about 10 minutes before they go to bed helps heat the room quicker. The air seems to be sent through across the room quicker as well.  

12 ways to keep your hoe warm on a budget

Layer up in bed

I mentioned this before but sticking blankets on top of the quilt during the night helps trap the warmth from your body.

12 ways to keep your hoe warm on a budget

Use heat from appliances

This is a great one that I found amazing last year. When I have finished cooking dinner, I turn off the oven and leave the door open a jar. I allow the heat from the cooker to warm the kitchen, so the kids don’t eat their dinner in the cold. 

Another great way is to leave the bathroom door open when having a shower. Allow the heat from the shower to travel and warm rooms. 

Use hot water bottles!

They take a few minutes to fill and will warm you up and keep you warm for a good while! 

12 ways to keep your hoe warm on a budget
2 litre hot water bottle – Click link to be taken to site!

Use draft excluders! 

You can make draft excluders or you can buy ones that slip under the bottom of the doors. 

12 ways to keep your hoe warm on a budget
Draft excluder – Click photo to be taken to site!

Get a smart meter! 

These are brilliant gadgets that connect to your energy supplier and can tell you how much energy you have used throughout the day! I think these are free from a lot of energy suppliers and are universal. So if you switch supplier you don’t have to get a new smart meter! 

Did you know? 

Did you know that you can apply for help from the government to pay your gas and electric bills each year? You can apply for the warm home discount, which is a £140 payment that is sent to your supplier if you pay by direct debit or to you if you top-up. Call your energy supplier to see if your eligible and to apply! 

Click here to be taken to the .Gov site!

I hope you have found these tips helpful! Is there something that you do that I haven’t mentioned? Comment it down below! 

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4 thoughts on “12 ways to keep your home warm on a budget

  1. I hate getting up in the morning when it is cold. We have our heating come on in the morning too. Our house was quite cold but we added some insulation into our loft and it’s much better nor.

    1. its horrible getting up in the morning and it being cold. We are going to talk to our landlord about getting the insulation re-done next year xx

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