101 things for your bucket list

Throughout the past year, I have been thinking about all of the things that I would like to do before I die. My list grew bigger and bigger and as a result, I ended up with the following 101 things on my bucket list. This list will continue to grow and hopefully, I will manage to finally tick them off. 

The aim is to try and do at least one thing each year. This year I haven’t managed to do anything yet but I still have 3 months left! Here are the 101 things currently on my before i die bucket list;

my before i die bucket list
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  1. Go snorkelling
  2. Go scuba diving
  3. Go on a wild safari
  4. To do a mud run
  5. To do a marathon
  6. To get a degree
  7. To buy my own home
  8. To get a full body massage
  9. To go away on a family holiday
  10. To take the family to Lapland
  11. To go to the ice bar in London
  12. To go to a concert
  13. To go to a festival
  14. Write a will
  15. To plan and pay for my funeral
  16. To make a family tree
  17. Try Sushi
  18. Go dog sledging
  19. Get a tattoo
  20. Go paintballing
  21. Go see a medium
  22. Get my palms read
  23. Get tarot cards read
  24. Swim with dolphins
  25. To get up close and personal with an elephant
  26. Relax in the natural hot springs
  27. Release baby turtles back into the sea
  28. Swim with turtles
  29. Go to a spa
  30. Go to a trampoline house
  31. To go caving
  32. Go to a shooting range
  33. Go Kayaking
  34. See the northern lights
  35. Go to New York
  36. Go to the Caribbean
  37. Go to Egypt
  38. Go to Greece.
  39. Learn to ride a horse
  40. To throw a surprise baby shower for someone.
  41. To throw a surprise party for someone.
  42. Start my own business!
  43. Experience a sunrise & sunset
  44. To move abroad to Canada
  45. Go to a monkey orphanage
  46. To see a baby being born
  47. Feed a calf
  48. Feed a kid goat 
  49. Get a tattoo
  50. Take the kids to Disney Land
  51. Go ziplining
  52. Make a family scrapbook
  53. Get professional family photos
  54. Go to an elephant orphanage 
  55. Go to the London Christmas market 
  56. Go, Strawberry Picking
  57. To go pumpkin pinking
  58. To go sunflower picking
  59. Go paintballing
  60. To go on a plane
  61. To go in a helicopter
  62. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  63. Go to a concert
  64. Go to an ice cream parlour
  65. Go to a frozen Yoghurt place
  66. To do a bungee jump
  67. To go skydiving
  68. Learn to play guitar
  69. Read a book every month 
  70. Go apple picking 
  71. Learn to surf
  72. Hike up a mountain 
  73. Travel through America in a camper van
  74. Own a dog 
  75. Foster a dog 
  76. Learn a new language 
  77. Indoor skydive
  78. To grow your own fruit and vegetables 
  79. Be a bridesmaid 
  80. Get married 
  81. Get engaged 
  82. Go on a double date
  83. Go on a blind date 
  84. Meet someone famous 
  85. Complete a diamond painting
  86. Create a family tree
  87. Go to a drive-in movie 
  88. Make a toast 
  89. Go to a wax museum 
  90.  Attend a TedTalk 
  91. Get a Make up lesson 
  92. Get fitted for a bra
  93. Get a facial
  94. Get acrylic nails
  95. Get a pedicure
  96. Get a temporary tattoo
  97. Do a boudoir shoot 
  98. Have a session in a sensory deprivation tank
  99. Become a self-made millionaire
  100. Sleep on satin sheets
  101. Make your own ice cream

I hope you liked my, before I die bucket list. Make sure to come back and check to see what i check off and what I add. 

What have you done on the list? What have you got your list that I haven’t? 

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